Visual Analysis of Droplet Dynamics in Large-Scale Multiphase Spray Simulations


We present a data-driven visual analysis approach for the in-depth exploration of large numbers of droplets. Understanding droplet dynamics in sprays is of interest across many scientific fields for both simulation scientists and engineers. In this paper, we analyze large-scale direct numerical simulation datasets of the two-phase flow of non-Newtonian jets. Our interactive visual analysis approach comprises various dedicated exploration modalities that are supplemented by directly linking to ParaView. This hybrid setup supports a detailed investigation of droplets, both in the spatial domain and in terms of physical quantities . Considering a large variety of extracted physical quantities for each droplet enables investigating different aspects of interest in our data. To get an overview of different types of characteristic behaviors, we cluster massive numbers of droplets to analyze different types of occurring behaviors via domain-specific pre-aggregation, as well as different methods and parameters. Extraordinary temporal patterns are of high interest, especially to investigate edge cases and detect potential simulation issues. For this, we use a neural network-based approach to predict the development of these physical quantities and identify irregularly advected droplets.

Journal of Visualization