Gleb Tkachev

Gleb Tkachev

ML Scientist


About me

I am an Applied Scientist at Zalando and develop ML methods that help people find well-fitting clothes. Before this, I worked on NLP and Question Answering at Amazon Alexa. During my PhD, I researched ML for rendering and analysis of scientific data, focusing on self-supervised methods and having occasional encounters with generative image models, style transfer and reinforcement learning. Additionally, I have solid software development skills and 3+ years of industry experience.

Featured Skills
  • Machine Learning

    • Self-Supervised Learning
    • NLP
    • Recommender Systems
  • Software Development

    • Python (Pytorch, Tensorflow, Numpy)
    • C++
  • PhD Computer Science, 2022

    University of Stuttgart

  • M.Sc. Computer Science, 2017

    University of Stuttgart

  • B.Sc. Automatic Systems, 2014

    Kaliningrad Technical


Senior Applied Scientist
Mar 2023 – Present Berlin, Germany
Working on ML models that help people find well-fitting clothes. Focusing on Recommender Systems, NLP and Image Generation.
Amazon Alexa
Applied Scientist
Amazon Alexa
Oct 2022 – Mar 2023 5 m Berlin, Germany

Working on NLP, Question Answering and Ranking.

  • Delivered customer-relevant model improvements within a few months of onboarding to the team.
  • Automated offline model experiments, significantly reducing the time wasted on experiment orchestration.
University of Stuttgart
PhD Researcher
Feb 2017 – Jun 2022 5 y 4 m Stuttgart, Germany

Researching Machine Learning approaches to visualization and analysis of scientific data (see publications). Teaching practical Master courses and supervising Master theses.

  • Scientific Visualization

  • Self-Supervised Learning

  • Convolutional Networks

  • Human + ML

  • High-Performance Computing

  • Python (Numpy, Pytorch, Keras, Tensorflow)

  • C++ (MPI, CUDA)

Bett Ingenieure
Web Developer
Apr 2015 – Dec 2016 1 y 8 m Stuttgart, Germany

A part-time web-development job during my Master studies (20h/week).

  • Created web-based business applications and development tools. (PHP + CSS + Javascript)
  • Linux administration. (Debian + Apache + Freeswitch)
University of Stuttgart
Research Assistant
Feb 2015 – May 2015 3 m Stuttgart, Germany

A part-time web-development job during my Master studies (20h/week).

  • Developed an information visualization prototype. (Javascript + D3)
Game Developer
Sep 2013 – Sep 2014 1 y Kaliningrad, Russia
  • Mobile MMORPG server development. (C# + .NET)
  • Created a compiler for an in-house networking solution. (C# + .NET + Irony)
  • Mobile game development, rapid prototyping. (Unity3D)
Web Developer
INOK Group
Jul 2012 – Dec 2012 6 m Kaliningrad, Russia
  • Web-based business application development. (PHP + Yii, PostgreSQL, Javascript + Knockout)
  • Web-server administration. (Ubuntu server, Apache, Postfix, Samba)


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